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In an instant his lips were on her thighs, kissing and sucking the hot flesh, moving further in towards her waiting sex with every passing second.

She could feel the heat of his breath as he brought his mouth closer still. She thrust her hips up, pushing her pussy into his face. The wet firm feel of his tongue slivered along her soaking slit, giving her the long awaited attention she craved.

His tongue was large and flat, and felt wonderful as it lapped at her soft pink lips. The taste of her sweet and salty juices was an intoxicating aphrodisiac, giving him ever more vigour.

Claire relaxed back, leaning against the cool steel frame behind her. She was melting like butter, as the driver sent wave after wave of pleasure through her.

She could feel the pressure from his nose pressing against her clit, while his tongue worked up and down her sensitive cunt.

He spread her delicate folds with his hands, and searched for her entrance with the tip, before curling it and pushing it up inside her. It wasn’t very deep, but the sensation of his tongue entering her was out of this world.

She leaned back, staring up at the dim fluorescent light above, as this perfect stranger gave her exactly what she wanted.

His finger found her clit and started massaging in small circles, his curled tongue still slivering inside her like a hungry serpent.

Claire weaved her hands through his hair, pulling his face deeper into her. A deep appreciative growling sent intense vibrations through her, adding to the already delicious pleasure.

This combination was intense, sending her closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly his tongue was gone, and then his finger too.

She gasped as he pushed two fingers up inside her. She was wet and ready, yet she could feel herself opening around him as he went deeper and deeper.

In a couple of seconds his fingers were to the knuckle. He gave a gentle thrust, withdrew, and drove them back in to her. She screamed with pleasure as her first orgasm hit. He didn’t stop, his fingers slipped in and out of her, in an unrelenting rhythm of ecstasy.

Then his tongue was at her clit. He licked gently at it, before sucking it into his mouth applying just enough pressure. This new intense feeling was pushing Claire’s orgasm further and further. Her breathing became fast and short, and her hips bucked against his large fingers.

She wrapped her hands around the steel frame, trying to regain some control over her body.

On every outward stroke now he was caressing her g-spot; a come hither motion creating a deep pleasure that burned in her very core. His tongue was flicking and darting over her swollen clit, in an effort that would give her favourite vibrator a run for it’s money.

She was giddy with euphoria, panting and gasping for breath. “Oooooh yessss”, she screamed. Her hips bucked harder against him, and he slammed his fingers into her with a ferocious force. Her breath caught in her throat for a split second, before releasing in long and audible moan.

His thrusting hand slowed to a pace that continued her orgasm, but allowed her to achieve some level of awareness again.

As she came down from her plateau, she noticed the intoxicating scent of his aftershave still clung to the air, now mixed with the smell of sex and sweat.

In just a moment he was standing up again, his piercing blue eyes staring down at her with a hunger unlike anything she’d seen before.

His cock was rock hard and standing out like a steel pole. He rubbed the tip up and down her now incredibly sensitive slit, every movement sending little jolts of electricity through her body.

Slowly he pushed it in. He felt as good as he looked, his thick shaft stretched her open in a way she could only previously imagine.

Claire felt light-headed as he pushed deeper inside. Those tiny sparks of pleasure were still firing through her nervous system with every inch he gave her.

She could feel herself getting tighter and tighter around him, the walls of her pussy unwilling to let him go.

He pulled back a little, before pushing in again, this time slick with the juices from the nubile teen beneath him.

“Think you can take more?” he asked.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me”, Claire replied. A desperation in her voice. With that she pushed herself against him, greedily taking an extra couple of inches. He didn’t need telling twice, another thrust and he was to the hilt.

She could feel his cock throb and grow a little more inside her. She’d never had a penis this big, her previous boyfriends had been big, but this guy was older, experienced, and hung like a porn star.

His finger was at her clit again, his cock thrusting in and out like a pneumatic ram. Claire’s hands were slick with sweat, and her knuckles were white, but she clung to the cold yellow frame of the luggage area in a desperate attempt to steady herself as the man between her legs continued his assault.

Her breath caught in her throat again, as another orgasm rolled over her. Her vision wavered, and she could feel the blood rushing from her head. She let go of the poles and collapsed onto her back. She was soaked. His cock was slick with her juices and now offering little friction.

With a frantic urgency he pulled out, dropped to his knees and lapped at her soaking cunt. For a brief moment Claire thought she might pass out. Everything was tingling, every touch, every caress, every lick caused her body to react.

His tongue took on that large flat shape again, beautifully covering every part of her sex. Tasting and swallowing every last drop she had for him. His fingers spread her wide open, then they were inside, pushing firmly against her.

As he pulled them out they were slick and shining. He sucked them clean, stood up and lifted her off the luggage rack. His large hands slid under her thighs, letting her legs wrap around his hips.

Claire had never had a man take such self assured control like this, she loved the feeling of surrendering to him, letting him take her as he wished.

He walked toward the back of the bus, to the same long seat she had teased him from earlier that day. She landed gently on his lap, his cock pressed down, and straining against her arse.

Looking up, she grabbed the hand holds above her and lifted her still quivering body. Her arms felt like jelly as she took the weight. The driver wrapped his hands around his engorged shaft and slid it towards her sex. The tip rubbed slowly along the cleavage of her buttocks, and paused teasing at her tightest hole. For a second Claire wondered if he was planning to take her there, a thought that both scared and thrilled her.

Then he pulled forwards, it sprang back against her waiting pussy and Claire slowly lowered herself down onto him. A welcome feeling of fullness returned as he pushed inside.

He lay back against the cheap blue fabric as she straddled him. The excited teen started gyrating her hips, causing his dick to move wildly inside her – a move that produced an overwhelming amount of pleasure for both of them.

She stared down at his face, sweat beading on his brow, his muscular chest shimmering under the lights above them. He grinned back at her, with a look of pleasure and determination.

Claire bit her lower lip, staring directly into his piercing eyes, and threw him her most devilish smile.

She arched her back, still using the hand holds for support, and pushed down onto him with all of her might. He responded by thrusting up, the muscles in his arse tightening, causing his cock to bury itself just a little deeper. How men always managed to produce just a little extra cock was beyond her.

She leaned forward, putting her hands on the top of the chair behind him and lifted herself up. Teasingly slowly she caused him to slide out till it was the just his tip inside her, then with a knowing look, instantly dropped back down onto him.

The driver growled in appreciation, as he shot back into her. She picked up the pace, bouncing atop his slick shaft. Up and down, up and down, her pussy expanding and contracting around his cock, every second being forced back between her tight pink walls.

His breath was coming faster, and faster. With every slam of her body onto him he let out a satisfied grunt. He could feel his balls tightening ready to shoot another sticky wad for this wanton, insatiable young woman.

One hand was gripping her thigh, his fingers pressing into the soft flesh. His other went to her cunt, his thumb ran down her slit until it was pressing firmly onto her sensitive clit.

Claire threw her body back again, pushing herself down and grinding against his hand. The stranger bounced her on his powerful thighs; pounding into her with a desperate ferocity.

Her body reacted instantly, ready to release the intense pressure that had been building and building. She screamed as her orgasm came to its climax. Her body melted, and her breath caught in her throat.

“Ooooh, my god!” she screamed, as the driver continued his relentless assault.

Her reaction was all he needed to push himself over the edge. His breath seemed to catch in his throat as he gave one last thrust, clamping her hips down onto his lap, his cock pushing gloriously deep, as it twitched and throbbed inside her, growing again for just a second before it let loose its hot load.

His breathing was ragged now, his blue eyes staring into hers, the muscles in his arms tight against the skin. He gave a few final pumps, ensuring he’d given her all that he had left before loosening his grip.

She collapsed forward, her chest rising and falling rapidly on him as she panted for breath. He ran his hand through her hair, letting out a satisfied growl.

His breath tingled hot in her ear, as he whispered, “I’m Alex, it’s fucking great to meet you.”