It was beautiful sunny day. Claire could see the heat haze rising from the road like a shimmering gas cloud. The sun was beaming down on her legs, it’s heat a welcome change to the usual cold and miserable British weather. Birds were chirping in the trees and the scent of freshly cut grass permeated the still air.

Deciding to make the most of the tropical heat wave that had been predicted for the next couple of weeks, Claire had treated herself to a shopping trip. She was wearing the shortest denim skirt she could find, and a loose light blue cotton top. As always underwear was an optional accessory that she preferred to leave at home; even if it meant you could see her pert 18 year old breasts through the sheer fabric.

Claire was not one to hide her assets. She had a body to die for and she knew it. Plus she loved nothing more than teasing men.

Bored, she pulled her phone from her bag. As she leaned against the hot steel of the bus shelter she flicked through her messages. Nothing interesting there. She opened the Kindle app and continued reading the erotic novel she’d bought a few days ago.

She’d been recommended a particularly dirty story, about a horny teenager who seduces her teacher’s husband. When her teacher finds out she decides that the punishment should fit the crime and gives the teenager a lesson she’ll not forget.

The loud rattle of an ancient and struggling bus tore her from her imaginary world of smut back to reality.

The bus screeched to a halt beside the stop, and the doors opened with a pleasing pneumatic hiss. Climbing aboard she couldn’t help but notice the driver. A 30 something, with a beaming smile and dark hair flecked with the first few signs of grey. He had a thick rugged stubble and coarse black hair poking from the top of his crisp white shirt. She didn’t go for older guys usually but she’d be more than happy to make an exception for this delicious dish of a man.

He was making no attempt to hide his appreciation for her either, his sexy brown eyes wandering over every inch of her sun kissed body. She flashed him a knowing smile and waved her ticket.

“Enjoy your ride.” His voice was deep and gravelly, it sent a shiver down her spine and almost turned her legs to jelly.

“And you!” she replied as she moved toward the back of the bus.

He watched intently as her shapely round buttocks swung mesmerisingly up and down with every step she took. The tight contours of her derriere moved against her skirt as if perfectly choreographed. The bulging package pressed firmly against his jeans showed the driver certainly enjoyed what he saw.

Claire sat in the middle most seat ensuring a clear view down the full length of the bus. With the drivers eyes fixed on her in the rear view mirror, she was pleased to see he didn’t miss anything. It was always a turn on, knowing she was being watched by someone, every move being carefully selected to give the voyeur a reward for his interest.

His eyes moved away, and with a lurch the bus moved off too. There weren’t a lot of passengers on this morning. This route was never exactly packed; Claire was pleased to know she had the back of the bus to herself. With the nearest person being four or five rows forward she could have some fun with this hunk.

She slipped her phone from her bag again and picked up where she’d left off. Hot scenes of depraved sexual taboos were once again unfolding in her hand, and she could feel the energy building between her legs with every tantalising sentence.

She looked up to see the driver glancing in the mirror at her, he looked back to the road, and a few seconds later was eyeing her again. With the help of the erotic thoughts that had been fermenting in her mind, she just had to take this tease further. Slowly she placed her hand on her knee, sliding it teasingly up the tanned skin of her thigh.

The briefest of checks on the road and he was back to watching her – yes she had his attention. She pretended not to notice, keeping her eyes on her phone. For a second she hesitated before parting her legs, her tiny skirt offering no resistance as it bunched below her hips.

Her hand squeezed and kneaded at the soft teen flesh, gradually sliding further up her towards her naked sex. Leaving underwear at home turned out to be exactly the right idea today. Her gaze darted quickly towards the mirror again. They were stuck in traffic now, he could stare all he wanted.

With her fingers gently brushing past the neatly trimmed hair covering her pussy, feelings of excitement tingled across her body.

Claire looked around to make sure no one else was looking in her  direction. Adrenaline was coursing through her, her heart racing. She pushed her hand down before pulling a finger back up slowly through her soaking slit. The drivers eyes were burning intently into her, engrossed in every movement she made. She bit her lip, now staring directly at the drivers reflection, sliding up and down between the soft wet folds in a a quiet and slow massaging motion. Her other hand started circling her clit, giving some much needed attention to her most sensitive of areas, feigning over dramatic orgasms for the pleasure of her new admirer.

She propped a leg up onto the seat in front of her, spreading her lips and exposing the bright pink flesh of her almost dripping hole. Pushing a finger inside, she made a large O with her mouth, miming moan after moan as she fucked herself.

She pulled her glistening finger to her mouth and evocatively wrapped her lips around it, sucking, licking, devouring and tasting her own juices as if it were a lollypop.

The mood was suddenly shattered by the sound of a horn. A frustrated car driver had clearly noticed something the bus driver had been too preoccupied to realise — the traffic had cleared a while ago. Claire snapped her legs shut and the driver continued on his way.

It wasn’t long before the bus arrived at Claire’s stop in town. Strutting down the aisle swinging her bag, she kept her eyes fixed on the mirror that had enabled so much fun. Walking passed the driver, she couldn’t resist but blow him a kiss, and give her finger one last teasing suck before popping it from her mouth and hopping off the bus.

Claire met with friends for lunch, and spent the day on the beach working to perfect the tan she could usually only get from a sun bed. As the evening drew on they went for drinks and a meal, discussing celebrity gossip and the boys at college; all the while the memory of the drivers eyes in that mirror flashed through her mind, ‘What if they had been alone on the bus, dare she have taken it further?’.

It was getting late, and she’d been drinking for half the day. The minty taste of the last Mojito was still dancing on her tongue when she decided to call it a night.

She made her way to the bus stop as fast as she could – being intoxicated and wearing flip-flops were never a winning combination for speed. By now it was about 1am and if she missed the last bus of the evening it would be an expensive taxi fare home.

The temperature had dropped as the evening had gone on, and now she was beginning to regret the skimpy skirt and impossibly thin top. The cool night air had turned her nipples to bullets, poking proudly through the revealing fabric.

Just as she thought she must have gotten there too late and resolved herself to calling for a taxi the bus appeared. Despite its artificial lighting and empty seats, it looked like an invitingly warm refuge.

When she climbed aboard, a primal lust took hold of her as the driver seated in the shadows of his cab gave her that familiar sexy grin, his brown piercing eyes looking back at her.

“Hello again.”

End of part 1, part 2 available soon.