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If you’re in a long term relationship, are married or just have a casual sexual partner, it is important to be open about fantasies.

Those thoughts you have about a threesome (everybody has those!) or foursome, the idea of getting kinky with whips, ropes or cuffs, perhaps you want to try anal, maybe you like to have your hair pulled, or you just enjoy talking dirty.

Whatever your flavour of desires are it is important to make them clear to your partner. Being open and honest with each other will not only build a trusting relationship but it might also lead to those fantasies becoming a reality.

If you have a partner who is a little shy around these sorts of ideas try coaxing things out of them. Read some erotica and make sure they find out what you’re reading, or put a steamy film on a with lots of sex scenes and mention how you’d like to try some of those. You could also buy a copy of the Kama Sutra, and pick random pages to try; this is a great way to begin exploring new ideas.

Just remember your partner will have their own fantasies too and they might be feeling the same way you do. If you’re lucky they will be the same as yours. If they’re not then you just have more things to try together 😉

Jake x