Trees whipped past her, their thin twiggy branches scratching at her cheeks. Faster she ran, almost tripping over a network of roots and uneven ground, she glanced back at the graveyard she’d run from.

Panic had taken hold of her and she tried to scream, her heart was racing. Her breasts ached from the the endless bouncing, they were almost spilling out of the low cut T-shirt she’d been told to wear.

She couldn’t stop, but she was finding it harder and harder to breathe. Suddenly he appeared in front of her, he grabbed her by the arms and she screamed at the top of her voice. He tore her top off, perfect heaving breasts finally released and thrusting up and down with every breath. Pulling her into his chest, he sank his fangs deep into her neck with a furious vigour.

Her body surrendered to him in an instant, melting like butter. She moaned again and again in pleasure, as he started sucking the blood from her creamy, flawless body.

Sarah glanced over at the stranger sitting next to her, his eyes fixed firmly on the silver screen. She’d seen him in the foyer. He was stupidly sexy, with blonde hair, blue eyes, a hint of stubble, and a very gorgeous build. He had an almost Viking look to him, perhaps he was Scandinavian.

She noticed his hands had moved to his lap, and she could see the size of his bulge beneath his trousers. The sight of it made her all the wetter.

The over-acted erotic horror was still playing out on the huge screen, the Vampire had laid his new bride on an alter and was about to consummate their marriage in the way only a true creature of the night could ā€“ *hardcore sex, and plenty of biting*.

The guy next to her wriggled in his seat a little. She knew how he felt, she had a coat over her, and her fingers had been teasing her pussy for the last five minutes. A little moan left her lips though she was certain nobody would hear over the scene unfolding before them.

Female Vampires had joined their master, skimpy tops, and tiny skirts were the order of business. They were wasting no time caressing and kissing his new bride in all the right places, whilst she writhed and screamed beneath them.

Sarah’s thoughts turned back to the guy sitting next to her; she could think of a few things she’d like do with his cock right now. A sly smile crossed her face and she glanced around the cinema. They were in the back row, so as long as they were quiet nobody would notice a thing.

With that she slid her hand onto his knee. He looked around to her, confusion and surprise on his face for just a moment before he returned a knowing grin. He put his hand on hers and slid it slowly up his leg. Sarah squeezed his firm muscular thigh before moving towards his groin. She could imagine the power in those legs, and the endless hard thrusting he could provide. It sent a delightful shiver and pulses of pleasure directly south.

The handsome stranger lay his head on the back of the chair as she massaged the hard shaft desperate to escape its cage.

She looked around again and slid down quietly into the aisle. A feeling of fear and adrenaline surged through her at the thought of getting caught and the idea of doing this to a person she didn’t even know. Slowly Sarah moved between his legs. The reflection of the screen was flickering over his hungry eyes.

She pulled her coat over her head in an effort to better hide herself, and felt for the zip. When she’d found it she practically pulled it from his trousers. Her new friend squirmed a little and she felt his hands move to the back of her head. She dragged his trousers down to his ankles, causing his cock to spring up like an erotic jack-in-the-box.

For the first time she put her hands directly on what seemed to be his generously sized member. She slid her hand to the base and pointed him down toward her lips. She heard him let out a muffled groan as she slowly wrapped her moist hot mouth around his swollen tip.

Sarah kept her fingers wrapped around him, her palm keeping his balls pressed down. With her spare hand she lifted her skirt and went finally started to give herself some much needed attention.

She could feel him still hardening inside her mouth, his glorious cock filling rapidly with blood, pumping up to at least twice it’s already more than adequate size.

He bucked a little underneath her, urging her to take more. With one sweet and smooth motion she pushed her head lower, further and further until her lips were pressing against his tight balls.

The fact that she was giving a stranger a blow job in the back of a cinema, and the taste of his slightly salty pre-cum on her tongue excited her wildly, and heightened the thrill she was getting from fingering her slit.

She buried two fingers up inside herself, and instantly she felt a release and satisfaction that she’d been craving all night. Massaging the soft slick walls, and sensitive areas of her sex she began fucking herself while bobbing her head up and down this man’s shaft.

His fingers weaved themselves through her hair, trying desperately to guide her head further down with each stroke. He was holding his breath, trying to keep himself from making any sounds that would give them away. His hips were meeting every movement of her head, getting more and more desperate with every thrust.

She felt the pulsating of his cock, and his body froze as streams of hot sticky seamen filled her mouth. Sarah held her head deep, letting him fill her up. His orgasm pushed her over the edge, and a murmured moan vibrated around his member causing his liquid to ooze from her lips, down into thick, blonde, matted pubic hair.

Sarah quickened her pace, coming hard, she could feel herself making a mess too, juices flowing down her thighs, and covering her hand. She didn’t stop, she pushed a third finger in, causing a rolling torrent of pleasure. She sucked and swallowed every last drop from the unknown man as she finally came down from her high.

She pushed her skirt down, and slipped back to her seat, leaving her stranger to zip himself back up. Sarah smiled at him, and watched as the room went black and the credits rolled.