“Check on! Four crab, one lobster, one crayfish!”, Rachel grabbed the towel from her waist and wiped her brow.

“Yes Chef!”, echoed around the kitchen as her team began their well rehearsed dance – preparing every meal in just the right time to have them all reach the pass at once.

Rachel’s kitchen ran like a well oiled machine, all of the parts working together to produce the most sublime gastronomic dishes you could want.

She stepped outside to cool off. The heat in the kitchen was intense, and it was certainly not helping the sexual frustration that had been building in her all week.

Closing the kitchen door, she moved out of the light and leaned against the wall. The chill of the bricks on her back was divine, sending tantalising shivers down her spine. Closing her eyes, Rachel massaged her breast with one hand, and slid her other hand down across her stomach and beneath the elasticated waistband of her trousers.

She hesitated for a second before sliding her fingers through the black coarse bush and over the swollen lips of her pussy. Her legs went weak at the touch, and she could feel how wet she’d become in the kitchen. She’d spent most of tonight squeezing her thighs together, tormenting herself and working herself into a frenzy.

Rachel bit on her lower lip as she slid her fingers back and forth between her soaking labia. She’d couldn’t resist but slip her middle finger inside just a little, and a quiet moan left her as she finally found the contact she’d been yearning for all night.

“Need a hand with that?”

“Fuck!”, Rachel muttered as she pulled her hand out from her trousers, blushing as she realised the Maitre’ d had been standing in the shadows smoking the whole time. “How long have you been standing there?”.

“Long enough”, he answered, “long enough to know that you and I clearly have similar needs tonight.”

As he came out of the shadows, she realised he was holding his cock in his hand, slowly stroking up and down the shaft.

A smile crept across Rachel’s face. Her and Sergio had been fucking for a few months a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t serious. Sergio was a good looking guy, he had a hard, chiseled jaw line, brown eyes, and a dark tan, his chest seemed to have been sculpted by the gods and he had a smooth and sensual Italian accent.

Sergio was also blessed when it came to the cock department, so making good use of the generous portion hanging between his legs was very tempting.

“We could be caught”, Rachel said, “anyone could walk through that door!”

“If they do, they can join us.”, he flashed his cheeky smile.

As he moved closer, Rachel could see how engorged he had become; standing proud and thick, his dick looked like the most delicious thing she’d seen all night.

Sergio popped the buttons open on her whites and kissed her neck. Rachel couldn’t care less if someone walked through the door now, all she wanted was him inside of her.

Wrapping a hand around his shaft she started working him up. He sucked hungrily on her nipples, pulling them with his mouth, and nipping them with his teeth. He was driving her crazy.

“I want this now!”, she barked, giving him a tug.

With that Sergio grabbed her hips and spun her around. “Yes Chef!” he whispered in her ear as he practically tore her trousers down.

Rachel took a couple of steps back and leaned forward, putting her hands on the cold brick wall to steady herself.

The cool evening breeze was kissing her arse, and at the same time she could feel Sergio guiding himself between her legs. The head of his cock pushed passed her lips and teased at her opening. Slowly he slid inside her.

The feeling of him opening her up, causing her slick walls to expand around his shaft sent her over the edge. She rammed her hips backwards, forcing him to suddenly plunge deep within her. He withdrew a little and again Rachel ground against him. This time he met her thrust and she felt his head pressing inside of her, she couldn’t take him any deeper if she tried.

He was a magnificent fuck! Sergio starting pulling out, and then without warning he slammed into her again. Every inch of his now pulsating dick filled her in an instant. Her entire body reacted, sending tingles everywhere. She could feel him inside her just below her stomach, it felt incredible.

Again he slammed into her like a pneumatic piston, throwing back her head she stifled a scream as she hit her first orgasm. “Oh god, don’t stop doing that”, she grunted.

Sergio quickened his pace; with every heavenly thrust she could feel him getting bigger and harder inside her. Her breathing became rapid and short as her body subdued to wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy.

Sergio began thrusting faster and faster. As he came to his own earth shattering climax, Rachel felt his cock throb frantically inside her and he shot his load deep inside her now dripping cunt.

He only slowed for a second before continuing his relentless assault, pushing Rachel once again to a place of pure bliss. “Oh yes!”, she muttered, as Sergio came for a second time, filling her with his warming seed and collapsing onto her back, pinning her to the wall.

They stood there for a minute as they tried to regain their composure. “Thanks, I needed that.”, Rachel said, with a huge smile, “Kitchen stress can be such a bitch”. With that she fixed her whites and went back inside. Sergio zipped up, straightened his tie, and went back to waiting on customers in the dining room.

After freshening up in the bathroom, Rachel returned to the kitchen just as six dishes arrived at the pass. Her kitchen truly was perfectly timed. “Order up!”.

– Jake x

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